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The Urban Institute, which defended adult men impregnating teens, now hosts one-sided conference on “social costs” of “teen motherhood”

The Urban Institute sponsors yet another one-sided attack on the “costs” of “teen mothers” in which none of the authorities who dispute that 19th century eugenics claim are on the panel. Speaking of 19th Century, this is the same Urban Institute whose fraudulent 1997 “study” (still posted on the UI website) declares that while teen mothers should be condemned for “prematurely” having babies, the adult men who impregnate them are acting in socially acceptable ways. (Yes! UI said that!)

Wildly overhyped “tween dating abuse” survey recycled to promote fashion designer’s products and program

The survey is recycled yet again to promote fashioner Liz Claiborne, Inc.’s “education” program. The survey finding only around 2% of 11-12-year olds have ever done anything beyond kissing, suffered physical or sexual violence, or experienced cellphone or cybermeanness from someone they dated demolishes the notion of rampant sexualization and cyber-meanness among “tweens.” Encouraging? Horrified interest groups are trying to spin these calming findings into the image of a generation of violent sluts in order to peddle their agendas.

“1 in 4 teen girls has a sexually-transmitted disease” blare cloned media reports

Said to be an “alarming,” shocking” new “CDC study” that allowed “experts” once again to lambaste teens as deluded and ignorant. But can anyone find this study? My queries to CDC have turned up nothing but a chart; no information on how the 838 girls were selected or screened or rates among 18-19 year-olds versus the high schoolers the media berated. That African-American girls had rates 2.5 times higher than whites or Latinas failed to generated concerns about poverty and disease among reporters who, once again, haven’t even read the reports they claim to report on.

That “teen sex” irony no one mentions

What we call “teenage” births (a misnomer, since most are fathered by adult men age 20 and older) are up in 2006. The same interest groups that grabbed credit for the dramatic decline in births from 1990 to 2005 are now clamoring for more funding to turn around 2006’s increase. Meanwhile, there’s a giant irony no one wants to discuss—one that exposes how ludicrous today’s “debate” over “teenage sex” has become.

Do teenage mothers save taxpayers money?

A university economics team’s long-term analysis that all sides agree is the best ever done reaches an astonishing conclusion: having babies during teen years is an economically rational decision by poorer young women that leads to higher incomes and lower public costs over time. Why haven’t you heard about this research? Because all sides depend on vilifying teen moms as costly fools.

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