Are Liberal MSNBC Commentators Trying to Get More Black Teenagers Shot?

The supposedly liberal network is baselessly blaming local “teenagers” and “14 and 15 year-olds” for Ferguson, Missouri’s, violence and arson in the wake of November 24’s grand jury decision exonerating the white police officer who shot an unarmed black teenager. MSNBC’s bizarre effort to create more fear of black teenagers is amply refuted by Monday night’s arrest statistics.

U.C. Berkeley’s Malcolm Potts’ ugly new eugenics blames dark-skinned teenagers for war and terrorism

University of California, Berkeley, population scientist Malcolm Potts and the pandering Miller-McCune magazine indulge an ugly, absurd throwback to racist eugenics in order to blame war and terrorism on the supposedly bad brains, hormones, and attitudes of young men–as if the aged kings, presidents, legislators, generals, ayatollahs, warlords, and assorted leaders who start wars and conscript young men to fight them didn’t exist. This new low in academic youth-bashing is like blaming slaves for the Civil War.

The right kind of racism for 2010

Like many racists and/or pranksters, the 16-year old arrested for a racist announcement over a store phone ordering all black people to leave a New Jersey Wal-Mart on March 19 just used the wrong technique. Here’s how to use anti-youth bigotry to accomplish racist goals and win praise, not arrest.

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