Why College Costs So Damn Much These Days 

Mike Males | Oct 2022 | Low-cost, debt-free college was for us, not you, older opponents of student loan forgiveness tell younger generations

Education Cutbacks, Student Debt: The Center of the Real Generation War


Mike Males | Feb 2014 |The defunding of education and skyrocketing student debt so that older, wealthier Americans can enrich themselves with tax cuts is a true “generation war.”

Why have crime, violence, gun deaths, pregnancy, etc., plummeted among America’s young people?

Mike Males | 2013 | Against all obstacles imposed by their elders, today’s youth are our best educated and behaved generation ever

The unconscionable scare campaign vilifying teen drivers

Mike Males | April 2006 |

The unconscionable scare campaign vilifying teen drivers rarely receives objective media treatment, but Fox News’ recent (March 17, 2011) report by Garrett Tenney on the misguided Safe Teen and Novice Driver Protection Act (STANDUP) bill provides both sides. In one of YF’s most important studies, we show that poverty is a much bigger factor than young age in what we call “teenage driving risk”—in fact, where middle-aged drivers suffer poverty levels similar to those of teens and young adults, middle-agers are just as “risky” drivers. Worse, graduated drivers license laws’ arbitrary restrictions on 16-year-olds have been linked to sharply higher death rates among teen drivers in California.

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