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Librarians Punch Down on Teenagers  By Anthony Bernier | October 2023 | Toleration for difference, unfettered access to contrary opinions, and the promotion of free expression number among the institution’s core values […] So, it’s all the more disturbing to continually discover national library leaders punching down on the very young people they purport to be defending in these pitched battles.

What Gangs Can Teach Us  By Anthony Bernier | February 2023 | Objectifying young people, like objectifying anyone, rarely brings about positive outcomes. This is the lesson we never read or hear about in popular media. Administrations treat kids like someone who sees every problem as a nail because all they have is a hammer. All we did here was ask.

Why do libraries continue to strike out with young people? By Anthony Bernier | January 2023 |The answer to the question why libraries strike out with young people is simple: libraries envision young people merely as information consumers, and many still believe that libraries are about books.

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