Young Adult Spaces



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The goal of this multi-method project is to improve utilization of libraries by youth through creating equitable and engaging spatial resources.

The ultimate objective is to develop and deliver systematically collected and analyzed data, and broadly disseminate findings that will help libraries conceive and apply basic standards for developmentally-appropriate Young Adult (YA) spaces informed by an accurate portrait of today’s youth.

Dissemination of findings will help library and design professionals deliver and evaluate current spaces and meaningfully involve young people. Further, with a more systematic knowledge and research base, Library and Information Science course curriculum can explore the topic of YA space and its connections to the entire library service profile.

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Agosto, , Kuhlmann, L.M., Pacheco Bell, J., & Bernier, A. (2014). Learning from librarians and teens about YA library spaces. Public Libraries, 53(3), 24-28. Available at: