Without being able to use pretty much any other group as an insult term the derogatory taunt is now almost always “children” or “juvenile”

Without being able to use pretty much any other group as an insult term the derogatory taunt is now almost always
“children” or “juvenile”.

K. Allen, 8/6/2015

When liberals want to insult someone they can’t say that person is, “being gay”, “being a woman”, or a “retard”. Almost all they have left is references to their opponents being children.

Liberal Bill Maher has held out the longest, he got criticized pretty heavily a while back for saying that terrorists were like crazy women. (And you’d think throwing in the word crazy might have protected him a bit more than it did. “They’re not like women they’re like CRAZY women,” one could attempt. Although then he’d also need to defend using the ableist word “crazy”.)

And some liberals continue to use the word “retard” but they almost always get criticized or called out on it.

But using child or teenager as an insult doesn’t faze anybody, but it should. If using other people’s group as an insult is something we should care about then we should care about it when it comes to children.

Once you start paying attention to it, not only is it grating, at times it doesn’t even make sense. One liberal radio host criticized his debate opponent (for using pre-written short speeches during the debate) the host said, “I’m going to debate like a grown-up where we can actually exchange ideas rather than just have dueling press releases.”

You know how children, when they have arguments amongst themselves, prepare written statements and have “dueling press releases”. Though still objectionable to me the following insult would at least make more sense, “you don’t know how to write a proper press release, like a child.”

Other times it’s about a position on corporate taxes, some times it’s about geopolitics, whatever the stance the opponent is always a “child” for having the opinion one hates.

Yes when people call someone’s politics juvenile they aren’t literal and when he says, “debate like a grown-up” he’s not talking about children, he just means it in the common way people talk where “like a grown-up” is just stand in for “good” and “like a child” is just stand in for “bad”. That doesn’t make it right. It’s as shitty as using “like a woman” as a stand in for “crazy” or weak. Literal or not the group is used as an insult.

And negative behaviors exhibited by adults are often attributed to teenagers (as a group) who had nothing to do with it. An adult saying something petty gets called a “mean girl”, disrespectful arguing by middle agers gets referred to as “adolescent behavior” again just to mean “bad”. Adults can be aggressive and uncouth and teenagers can be meek and reserved, an adult acting horribly is not acting like an “adolescent” they’re acting like an adult who’s being belligerent.

Liberals who have a problem with it when other groups are used as an insult should at least have consistent principles and not use “like children”, “like a 14 year old boy” etc as insults.